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NOVEMBER Monthly Letter

It is still October as I write and just a few days ago the first large skein of geese flew across our parishes. An unmistakable sight and sound, a reminder of the changing season, that there is so much to see and wonder at.

I always record the first and last sightings of migratory birds, butterflies and other creatures. It was on 3rd October this year the geese were seen and in 2016 exactly the same date. It is no coincidence is it? The terns have gone and the cormorants and turnstones are back, so much is happening as we move into Autumn - then the clocks change and winter is upon us.

It sounds dull, but it isn’t. In the church we begin with the Festival of All Saints’ with a candle-lit service of praise in Walcott, certainly, a bright start and a chance to remember and think about all those un-named  saints we meet each day, or hear about on the news.

John in his letter last month wrote about sowing and reaping kindness. That is what these un-named saints do all the time, quietly helping to make the world a better place for someone.

As we move forward into the darker months let us continue to notice the wonders of creation and in their special month give thanks for those un-named saints sowing a little kindness as John suggested.