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SEPTEMBER Monthly Letter

A few weeks ago Bishop Graham on Thought for Today on Radio 4 talked about building bridges.

Bridges form a link between two sides which otherwise would not be connected.

Among the bridges mentioned he included Bishop Bridge in Norwich. It is the oldest arch bridge in Europe, built in 1340.

An arch bridge works on the principle that it consists of two limbs, each on its own weak, but together forming a strong structure.

Building bridges in the metaphorical sense is important to us all particularly in our community in the Coastal Group. As a church we need to reach out and embrace the whole community, church goers or not.

During the summer months, including the Open Churches Week, there are numerous events happening throughout the Group. All events involve the organisers with a lot of hard work. They are to be thanked for their contribution to community enjoyment and unity.

Our seven parishes are each a separate arch. Combined they can make a really strong bridge embracing all who live within the Coastal Group.

God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform.

Best wishes to you all


Margaret Henderson

Authorised Worship Assistant