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Monthly Letter SEPTEMBERER

Don’t fear for I am with you,

Don’t be dismayed for I am your God,

I will strengthen you

I will help you

I will uphold you with the Right Hand of my Righteousness.

September is with us once more, and with this being a coastal parish, we see numbers beginning to dwindle, as caravans, tour buses, and trains etc. transport them to their homes, with hopefully, happy memories of their stay with us, and all fully relaxed for the future.

The younger people, however, usually see this time as a time of uncertainty as they return to their various educational establishments to build on the knowledge they have acquired in previous years.

Although we look on January 1st as the new beginning, I have always felt that September is the start of new things for us too in a lot of ways.    Although there will be no exams, we still have goals to achieve.  Yes,  the flowers have died away, and the fruit has been collected, leaving a somewhat drab scene, but this clearance has paved  the way for the start of one of our most exciting goals in the Christian calendar, the countdown to Christmas.    

This is the time to prepare for this great festival.   The papers advertising for members to join their chorale societies for the Annual Performance of Handel’s ‘Messiah’.   Rehearsals for Nativity plays, (together with the sulking about playing the donkey, when they wanted to play Joseph), and all the various activities of our own we have to prepare for at this great time.

So let us go forward in these exciting months with these wonderful words of Isaiah quoted above.

Blessings to all