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Monthly Letter NOVEMBER

As the nights draw in and as winter approaches, the candles are flickering and the woodburner is lit, I always think November is a month of remembrance and reflection.

Remembering those who gave their all for the good of everyone. The selfless bravery that robbed them of their physical and mental health and also their lives. There are services of remembrance throughout our benefice on Sunday 10th November. All are welcome to any of the services.

November marks the end of the Christian year. It begins with All Saints Day and ends with the feast of Christ the King.

Not an earthly King as we know it but King of the Universe, Lord of Creation.

One Saint I enjoy reading about is St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis believed that spirituality wasn't confined to human beings, it worked throughout the universe and through everything that exists. Living alongside animals, plants and all God's creatures as well as each other. We are all under God's rainbow.

St. Francis's farewell is an emotional farewell. He just doesn't say goodbye to the people he has lived with, but all that exists around him. The creatures, the plants and the landscape that surrounds him. All are pieces of a spiritual jigsaw,

each piece fitting perfectly to create one vision.

In these times of political and environmental unrest, reflecting on St. Francis's words may give us some hope and inspiration for the future.



Licensed Lay Minister