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Monthly Letter MARCH

Most days this March fall in the period of Lent in our Christian year, with Ash Wednesday falling on the 6th.  The day before is Shrove Tuesday – a day when traditionally pancakes are eaten. However pancakes seem to be on the menu at all times now.  It seems that one season is the same as any other!  A pity, for the reflective days of Lent end in the glorious rejoicing of Eastertide.

Bishop Chartres, taking part in Beating the Bounds of his home parish on the Eve of Ascension remarked

“What we celebrate is ancient and stands for deep continuities and rituals without which people became disorientated”

 As we move into these Lenten weeks – there’s an opportunity, not for pain or worry, but for time long enough for each of us really to experience something and to remember it afterwards.

After being baptised by John, Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness, time to come to terms with the enormity of being loved and trusted and being given the strength to carry out his Father’s will.

The 40 Lenten days used profitably, will enable us to get to know ourselves again; time to try and think about what our lives are for. It can mean giving up those things that distract, in order to focus on the essentials.


 Giving up chocolate, coffee or something else and donating to charity, may be more in your line – but it’s worth considering the opportunity to meet with others in the Lent course on offer in our parishes – a time of opportunity to reflect on Reimagining Church. For full details please contact our Rector the Revd. Catherine.


Pam Millsted