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MARCH Monthly Letter

Each year the first Friday of March throughout the world is the Women’s World Day of Prayer.

Its aim is to bring together women of various races, cultures and traditions, to encourage them to become aware of their talents and to use them in the service of the wider community.

Today when gender equality is a current topic, women should take encouragement from those willing to stand up and work for their true recognition.

Jesus showed his value of women. There is no teaching by Him recorded on the role of women but he measured men and women by the same standards and treated all women he met as a person in her own right.

On Friday March 2nd at 2.00pm there is a service compiled by the Christian women of Suriname with the theme ‘All God’s Creation is Very Good’ at Walcott Church to mark the occasion. All are welcome.

Best wishes to you all


Margaret Henderson

Authorised Worship Assistant