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APRIL Monthly Letter

As I write this letter in March, I wonder, will it ‘Go out like a lamb’? I think we would all appreciate it. It certainly ‘came in like a lion’ as the saying goes.

Are we ready to be an April Fool on the 1st? or to fool someone else?

The clocks have changed, now we are in Summer time. Spring is here. A lovely season, one of colour, new life and the promise of things to come in our gardens and the countryside. The grass is growing, the birds are pairing up, the tortoise is awake and of course daffodils.

This year the 1st April is not just the day for fooling, it is Easter Sunday. That great Christian Festival when we celebrate the triumph of Jesus rising from the dead and the new life this offers.

As the hymn says ‘Jesus Christ is risen today. Alleluia’

We celebrate with Easter Eggs which remind us an egg holds the life of a chick - a new life. Our eggs are usually chocolate!

There will be services in all the churches and opportunities to share - to hunt or receive Easter Eggs to remind us of the new life Jesus offers us as we celebrate.

Have a Happy Easter.