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Monthly Letter JULY

July is a great month isn’t it? On a day like today there is so much to celebrate just in our coastal villages. As I look outside, the sky is blue, the sun is shining and the garden and countryside are full of colour. And what about butterflies, so many painted ladies.

Then for some of us, the thought of the end of term, end of exams and holidays, and I mean the teachers too!

July is a special month for seafarers and all involved with the sea. Sea Sunday this year is on the 14th July when we remember and give thanks for the Mission to Seafarers and all they do around the world to support this group of people. Locally we celebrate the work of our Lifeboat crews, fishermen, coast watch, - all who work on the sea.

Finally, Norfolk Day  27th July. This big celebration at the end of the month involves all of Norfolk. So much is advertised for that day to help us to see and explore more of this great county.

Locally, beginning on 27th there is a Flower Festival in Walcott Church. The theme is ‘Celebrating Norfolk’, many flower arrangements depicting all things Norfolk and to help, or confuse you, there will be a quiz.

I am reminded of words from a childrens’ hymn, which I guess only the oldies among you will remember.

                                                 “The world is very beautiful

                                                       and full of joy to me”.

For this joy and beauty and the security we enjoy in our coastal lives may we be forever grateful.